January 5, 2011

Day 02

Where I'd like to be in ten years:

In ten years I will be nearing 32, which is an age I've always been excited to be. I think I'll make a pretty respectable woman by the age of 30, but 32? Oh boy, look out! I know that I will have at least one child if not pregnant with my second or third because I am just so excited to be a mama someday that there is no way I could reach age 32 without being one. I will be living with my husband whom I will adore and we will be living in the small house that I have always dreamt of. I've never wanted a big house. Small and cozy is just what I need. I see my small family and I creating traditions of our own and our home growing as our love for each other grows. I hope that I reach my goal of becoming a teacher and if not, I would make an amazing truck stop waitress or flight attendant. It will be strange time for me, however, I know because all of my life, my goal has been just to reach that stage of happiness. It is constantly running through my mind. It will be strange to one day be able to sit back and enjoy it for what it is.

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Biscuit McGhee said...

Hi There!
We've interacted a few times through the blog world and I've nominated you for the stylish blogger award! Congrats!
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