March 8, 2011

Oh, girl

Yesterday was so much fun being able to catch up with Kendra. Right after we got her settled into my house, we went out for lunch at the Lazy Dog Cafe, did a little shopping around (yes, I'm shopping again because I finally got paid) and later in the night we went out for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, de rigeur.

Today, we're being super girly and getting pedicures together then a little more spa time tomorrow and then going to the beach! I'm way excited to get a pedicure because I never do and yet I love having my feet rubbed. Kendra wants to hit a club or two in LA during her stay, but I do NOT trust the parking/drivers there.

I hope your weeks are going as well as mine!

I'm also watching a movie on tv starring Kirsten Dunst, but I don't know what this movie is!

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