March 2, 2011


So I have a new set of goals for myself for the days to come. They will begin at no particular time, but it's important for me to have them nonetheless. Things have been feeling pretty out-of-whack for me lately and I blame it partially on my consistantly messy room and constant running about town fulfilling my errand agenda. But no more! I'm putting my following ambitions into effect ASAP!
  1. Maintain a clean and organized room (spring cleaning time fast approaching!)
  2. Maintain a clean car, inside and out
  3. Meet with college guidance counselor before beginning of next semester
  4. Save the money I earn (ease up on the shopping and dinner dates)
  5. Apartment hunt with said money
  6. Read one book a month, strictly!
All in all, these are pretty tangible goals for myself. And I really feel the need to do more reading so that I at least feel as though I'm accomplishing SOMETHING while I'm not in school.

Well, I'm off to read.

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