March 23, 2011


D loved his birthday presents from yesterday :) I got him the hat that he wanted, but its just a little too big on him so we plan to shrink it just a little bit in the dryer. We're going to need to be very careful because its wool. Dustin's stepdad and mom pitched in to get him a fancy new gun! He can legally use it in ten days. You could tell SO easily how nervous his mom was as she was watching him play with it. She hates guns and the fact that her husband AND son love them, haha. They don't make me nearly as nervous as they make his mom.

Dustin specifically wanted Chinese for dinner on his birthday - he got sesame chicken (ew, sorry) and I got the sweet and pungent shrimp. Woo, sea food! After eating Chinese for his birthday dinner, we layed down for about an hour and a half to let it settle because I'll be damned if I didn't have the biggest food baby, and then we went running. I did well the first time I went running with Dustin, but this time we went farther and I had eaten more prior to the run unlike last time :/ I needed to take tons of breaks, but Dustin said I still did very good! Yay, me. It can be exhausting having a personal trainer for a boyfriend. But at least its motivation to do something healthy for myself. I'd otherwise eat cookies all day - and he knows it.

After running, we walked home and had a nice, small conversation about the future and all that and that was lovely. Once I start raking in the money from this babysitting gig on the regular, collectively, we'll have enough for a place together! Its a sweet little dream. I'm excited for the free reign he's given me to decorate once we get it :D

Today he's coming over to MY house and I'm excited because thats a rarity with him living just down the street from where I work and our schedules syncing up perfectly to where I get out the same time he gets home. And he loves Tessy.

All in all, yesterday was nice, today should be nice too and I'm excited for a good shower and some girly relax time before he comes over. And some yogurt. I think I'd like some yogurt.

Love, Lucy


Mrs. Biscuit said...

I haven't been seeing your blog updates for a while... Perhaps my computer is conspiring against me :(
I'm glad you had a nice birthday celebration for your love!

And They Lived Happily Ever After...

Lucy said...

Aw, thank you! And thats too bad 'cause I blog pretty frequently :)