July 4, 2011

Holy wow

Yesterday was fun, but so, so hot. Dustin's brother, sister-in-law and neice and nephew came over from the Valley the go swimming and have a bbq since for some reason Moorpark celebrates on the third. We went to Arroyo Vista park with hoards of other people all clammering to get in for the fireworks show. I got a shaved ice and Dustin got some kennel corn to share with every one :) It got so cold though by the end of the the night that the tank I was wearing just wasn't cutting it. Dustin and I got to snuggle under the blanket and watch the fireworks, though, which made it nicer :) I kept getting afraid though that his neice would get lost or stolen because she kept running off into the crowd to play on the jungle gym with the other kids. Her parents didn't seem as worried, though.

It's going to be another scorcher today and I'm taking refuge in my room with my new stainless steel fan that's been working wonders. And the room reno is all finished! Besides a few brick-a-brack that I couldn't find a place for

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