January 4, 2011

Day 01

My current relationship, if single discuss how single life is:

I am dating and in love with a wonderful man and I am so, so happy. I love all the things we can talk about and share together and I love having a significant other; someone who brings out the best in me. I think that our love story is adorable taking into consideration that until we started dating did I find out that he had had a crush on me for nearly eight years, starting back when we met in high school. It makes me feel so loved now thinking back on all those times within the past eight years that I was around him not knowing his feelings for me. We are still learning about each other and I adore every part of it and everything that I'm learning. We don't like being apart from each other and give each other smooshy new nicknames every day. Love, love, love my love cub.

Day 01 - Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.
Day 02 - Where you’d like to be in 10 years.
Day 03 - Your views on drugs and alcohol.
Day 04 - Your views on religion.
Day 05 - A time you thought about ending your own life.
Day 06 - A photo of yourself and write 30 interesting facts about yourself.
Day 07 - Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.
Day 08 - A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.
Day 09 - How you hope your future will be like.
Day 10 – Someone who came into your life unexpected and made an impact.
Day 11 - Put your ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.
Day 12 - Bullet your whole day.
Day 13 - Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.
Day 14 – A photo of a cherished memory.
Day 15 - 5 people in your life right now who mean the most.
Day 16 - Your views on mainstream music.
Day 17 - Your highs and lows of this past year.
Day 18 – Something that makes you laugh.
Day 19 - Disrespecting your parents.
Day 20 - How important you think education is.
Day 21 - One of your favorite shows.
Day 22 – Something you want to do before you die.
Day 23 - Give pictures of 5 guys who are famous who you find attractive.
Day 24 – Somewhere you would like to travel.
Day 25 – A photo you took.
Day 26 - What kind of person attracts you.
Day 27 - A problem that you have had.
Day 28 - Something that you miss.
Day 29 - Goals for the next 30 days.
Day 30 - Your highs and lows of this month.

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