January 9, 2011

Day 06

A photo of myself along with 30 interesting facts about me:

  1. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest by Cape Disappointment. The end of the Lewis and Clark trail.
  2. My septum was done by a friend in her bedroom. My mom cried when she saw it, but the benefit is that I can hide it really well.
  3. When I first met my boyfriend, he swore that we would date someday. And here we are, eight years later and in a new relationship.
  4. I have a scar on the palm of my right hand where a dog bit through it when I was 12 years old.
  5. I was violent growing up. I gave my older cousin stitches from hitting him in the head with a golf club because he hit my sister. I was about five.
  6. My mother chose my middle name after my great grandmother, Juaquina Emelita.
  7. I am approx. 1/36th Native American; Crow.
  8. As Told By Ginger is my favorite cartoon and should have run much longer than it did. I own two of the made-for-tv movies.
  9. I can dance en pointe in ballet.
  10. I immitaed Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura when I was a child; apparently pretty well.
  11. I want a daughter when I get married and I already have the two names picked out to choose between.
  12. I look more like my biological father than I do my mom, but you can easily tell that I am my mother's daughter.
  13. I have one full-blood sibling and nine other siblings that are either half or step.
  14. My dad says that I remind him of Audrey Hepburn, but without the tattoos and nose ring.
  15. My favorite animal is an Asian elephant, or if it would stay that way forever, a baby Asian elephant.
  16. I'm deathly afraid when someone I don't know is driving the car. I always think, "This could be my last day." Strange, right?
  17. I've had braces. They were on for two years and I was afraid to get them off because I was so used to my face as having braces on my smile.
  18. I've been told that I look like Emily Browning (from A Series of Unfortunate Events) from a slew of people.
  19. I've lived in northern Washington and Southern California, but never been to Mexico or Canada.
  20. I've been to Edinburgh, Scotland twice.
  21. I can speak French moderately well.
  22. I have an extensive knowlege of geology.
  23. Strawberries and pears are my favorite fruits.
  24. I had a pet duck named Sebastian when I was nine years old. We found him as a baby because my cat was attacking him.
  25. Growing up, I always thought I was adopted because of my dark hair and freckles.
  26. The Ramones are my favorite band and have been since I first heard their song, "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg."
  27. I drive a pink Volkswagen 1964 bug.
  28. When receiving hand-picked flowers, my first instinct is to check for aphids so that they don't crawl into my nose when I smell the flowers.
  29. I've only had two boyfriends in my life; I am currently with the second.
  30. I've had a bad nail-biting habit all my life until recently. But even now, its hard to control.

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