January 10, 2011

Day 07

My zodiac sign and whether or not I think it fits my personality:

An aquarius is:
An idealistic thinker, progressive, unconventional, cares about the environment and politics/economics, compassionate, kind, accepting, stubborn but will admit to being wrong with surmountable evidence, more "head" than "heart", many aquaintances but few close friends, among the most loyal in the zodiac, does not persue money but is smart enough to keep a roof over their head

As a child:
Friendly, energetic, playful, inquisitive, will walk, talk and read earlier than expected, a truly unique little soul.

On the surface appears compassionate, charming and a loving partner but lacks emotional depth meaning that they cannot express their feelings as easily as others, finds creative ways to express feelings, best matched to an independant

Now, as far as how I think I match up to these traits, surprisingly, I think I do to most. The majority of the first traits fit me, but I don't actually care much for politics or economics, but care about the environment. I've been told by many that I'm one of the most compassionate and kind people they've met and I do have only a few very good friends to which I am very loyal. And as far as money, I really don't want/need a lot but I know what it would take to keep me moderately comfortable. As a child, those traits pretty much fit me perfectly. However, the romantic traits? I don't think so much at all. I know that I am compassionate and loving and not just on the surface and as far as emotional depth goes, when it comes to being romantic with someone, I am the most emotional out of all my friends. I love love and I think that its such a special thing to find it. Finally, I don't mind taking care of someone so long as they take care of me the same in return.

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