January 22, 2011

Day 19

Disrespecting your parents:

Unless they're abusive, fall-down drunks or addicts, I think that everyone should show respect for their parents after all the hard work and sleepless nights I'm sure they'd gone through to have and raise you. They gave you life, they gave you a place to stay and they gave you their time. Even if its constructive criticism and you're not okay with listening ot it, don't you think that your parents would know what they're talking about having already figured out for themselves what it is that you're going through, emotionally? There's no reason to show your parents disrespect and it breaks my heart when I see it. Especially when I imagine my own child being that way with me someday. I'm no angel though. When I was in my early teens, thats when I thought I could take on anything and be right about it. Looking back now, I thank God that my mom put me in my place because these days I feel like I'm such a good daughter and that I'm doing my parents proud. But I think that its a vicious circle; if you're raised by parents that you can easily disrespect, your children can easily disrespect you because you never saw how a disciplinary parent would react to your antics. I love my mom. She has worked so hard her entire life and has gone through so much to make sure that her children turned out alright and even now, she struggles. I love my step-dad. He works virtually day and night at his computer providing for our family and although as a result I don't see much of him very often, he does his best and no one is perfect. My bottom line is, what reason could one have to treat a parents love with such disregard?

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