January 21, 2011

Day 18

Something that makes me laugh:

I can always laugh at stand-up comedy. When I am especially in the mood for a good one, I'll look up either:
  • Dylan Moran - Like, Totally
  • Christopher Titus - Norman Rockwell is Bleeding
  • Lewis Black - Red White and Screwed

Who doesn't enjoy a good bout of laughter? I can usually get a good rise out of my sister Sally. All it takes is one funny look from one of us to the other and we both start cracking up at each other. First at the face and then at how much we're laughing at it. Sally and I also have the funniest friends. They are mostly guys and guy humor around other guys is the most hilarious thing to me. A lot of potty humor, funny faces and wrestling matches. But I absolutely can't forget Dustin. My boyfriend is one of the funniest people I know. Naturally, can't have a good relationship if there is no laghter. I'm glad he thinks I'm funny too.

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