January 23, 2011

Day 20

How important I think education is:

I greatly value a good conversation and I think that in order to have that, education is necessary. What kind of education, that depends. What if I just want to have a conversation with a girlfriend about my boy toubles or something of the like? She would have to be educated in that arena for me to value her opinion so that it is based on fact/experience. On the other hand, if I'm reading a good book, how can I discuss it with someone who can't read or doesn't see the value in books or learning to read. It all depends, for me. I find education very important for myself because I just love knowing about everything that I can because thas what makes me happy and I'm all about living life to its happiest. If someone has found that happiness in whatever it is that they have and they didn't need education to get there, thats alright with me. It just means to me that the conversations between that person and myself would be limited. So long as the paths that I or someone else chooses in life leads them to a happy place, then that is how important I find education to be for a personal life. But if someone is going to be gonverning over me and running the country, I would definitely hope that they put in the time and effort to know what it is that they're talking about. But I think that education moves us further down the road and I hope that everyone sees how important it is to be more than just apes. We're all human and we all have potential. I hope that we all use it in some way or another.

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