January 25, 2011

Day 21

One of my favorite tv shows:

My all-time favorite tv show would absolutely have to be Nickelodeon's As Told By Ginger. Everything about that little cartoon was wonderful and charming right down to the red-headed main character and her dorky little friends. The show always reminded me of myself and my friends in middle school and highschool. Ginger wasn't in the "popular" crowd, but everyone could see that there was something special about her. She was a great writer and kept a journal that she would narrate throughout the show. Her two best friends, Dody and Macie, killed me they were so adorable. Dody was the unpopular girl who would act like she was and like she was "in-the-know" with the cool goings-on that went on in highschool. Macie was my favorite of the two, though. Little girl who wore a fuzzy jacket, had a backpack that looked like a seal, wore glasses and had asthma. To die for. In that way I loved the show. Loving the quote-unquote unlovables. Ginger always reminded me of myself, though. She did her own thing and was oblivious to other's opinions of her and enjoyed her friends company. I own two of the made-for-tv As Told By Ginger movies :)

DODY: I'm going to miss you, Ginger.
GINGER: I'm going to miss you too, Dody, just so you know.
MACIE: Aw. So sweet it could turn me diabetic. Hah, knock wood.

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