February 11, 2011

Stay chipper

I have been absent from my little corner of the blogging world for at least a good, long week now. The honey and I have been spending extra time with one another and he's making me love him more everyday. This past week has been filled with its ups and downs; lacking in sleep, arguments at home, the on-coming of Valentine's day and a lot of love on the romantic end of things.

Speaking of romantic, I can't stop looking at wedding websites. I'm going to start driving myself crazy. Is it crazy that the honey and I, having known each other for nearly eight years and dating of only three months already talk about getting married? If you know, you know right? I'd like to be together for at least 1 1/2-2 years though. But wedding websites: Ruffledblog.com, Anthropologie's sister store at BHLDN.com which has not yet been unveiled -waiting for Valentine's day, how appropriate- and pictures of adorable hand-made weddings on Pinterest.com. I'm getting so many ideas. I'm such a giddy little girl when it comes to something as romantic and special as a wedding. I've always known, I think, that I've wanted a short Audrey Hepburn-style wedding dress. How cute are they? Really.

Other than the love I've been feeling this past week, theres not a whole lot to report -other than I'm sorry for the absence. I'm writing this from my babysitting chair as Maddison sleeps and sucks her binky by my hip and Mason is passed out on the floor. Pay day tomorrow!

Stay chipper, readers!

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