February 18, 2011

The times, the times

Danielle over at the Sometimes Sweet blog did a post about things that she's excited about and asked what her readers were excited about too. So here goes :)

Lately, I've been very excited about my new daily routine.
  • Wake up at 4:30a to head over to my babysitting gig
  • Make bed, feed cat, brush teeth, etc.
  • Stretch every limb on my body all together for a solid hour while the children are still asleep
  • After stretching, I focus solely on stretching my ankles for another hour for my pointe shoes
  • After leaving babysitting at approx. 10:30a, I head home to shower
  • Shower routine: Wash hair, wring dry, facial cleanse, leave-in conditioner, enjoy the hot water
  • Tidy my room a little to enjoy the clean feeling
  • Give myself a pedicure and, sometimes if I'm feeling saucy, a manicure
  • Dress myself in a wonderful little outfit for the rest of the day so I feel pretty
  • I then go about my day with confidence and a clean, healthy feeling
What else I'm excited about:
  • The random warm days scattered amidst the colder ones. Sunny afternoons and longer days.
  • Saturday sleepovers with Dustin followed by church in the morning.
  • Tessy getting used to being a part-time outdoor cat.
  • Mine and Dustin's next trip to Vegas.
  • Dustin's parents trip to Vegas in which we will have the house to ourselves! Little vacation home :)
  • Getting paid for babysitting - new clothes - so excited.
  • Daydreaming of the home I will create for Dustin when we live together.
  • Eating healthier. Breakfast lately has consisted of strawberries, kiwis and sometimes snap peas.
  • Getting in the mood to start reading new books.
  • Getting more organized and starting to try my hand at cooking because of it.
  • Looking more and more into being a kindergarten teacher.
  • My final perfection of my "cat eye" eye liner.
  • Putting together outfits for the kids I babysit when they wake up.
  • I'm excited for my daily shower!
  • Longer conversations over the phone with my best friend Kendra.
  • Keeping my hair trimmed and healthy
  • Taking naps with Dustin.

And I'm excited about getting out more in the nice weather.

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