February 22, 2011

Old fashioned

Having your little face held by the one you love. Dustin was so sweet and loving to me last night as we cuddled in my bed. He has the nicest brown eyes. Le sigh.

I'm up and at 'em at my babysitting gig waiting on the chillin' to wake up. Trying to type quietly is an art. Today gave me another cold morning in which my fingers and toes suffered the most, but I wore my jean jacket and striped Hogwarts Hufflepuff scarf today and I fully utilized my lap blanket in the car. My poor car took so long to warm up today before it was ready to go.

But aside from the cold, I'm enjoying a nice mug of vanilla coffee courtesy of my baby employers. And I get to go to Dustin's when I'm finished at 10:30a to spend the morning with him because he gets to sleep-in this morning for a change. His gym won't need him until later in the afternoon so I don't have to wait for him into the wee hours of the night. Hoorah! And Dustin has been looking at places for us to rent in the near future once I save up some of this babysitting money. He says that I get to decorate so long as he has a tv. Music to my girly little ears.

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