March 5, 2011


Today, Dustin is taking me to a boxing match that one of the kids he teaches is competing in! I'm so excited to see how good of teacher Dustin is because he's always talking about them. The boxing match, though, is a good one and a half to two hour drive away in good ol' Modesto, CA. The match is later tonight so I have some time to myself until then. And until then, I thought that I'd catch up on some craftiness.

After my room had gone from disaster to spectacularly clean the past two days, I have a good amount of floor space available to me. Time to break out the fabric and paper supplies. I just don't have any idea of what to create. My room is so small and full of creations already that I'm afraid my room will begin to look cluttered. Hopefully when I find an apartment soon though with Dustin, I'll have more room to showcase. But for my what-to-make dilema, I turn to my BUST magazines! BUST is a fantastic line of mags and if you don't already subscribe, you really should. They're loaded with amazing articles that really make you think and jam-packed with amazing upon amazing DIY crafts and how-tos. I think that I'm going to start on a sewing pattern for a pair of bloomers that I came across. They look like incredibly comfy night shorts.

I just love my BUST
I'm off the sew the world!
Happy blogging, all

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