March 28, 2011


How ya been, bloggers?! Sorry about the near week-long absence... I had not been able to find my computer charger and I feared that I had left it in Ojai! Found it in my laundry hamper?? Go figure.

Moving on, today is monday and I got to sleep-in! Ashley had gotten the day off from school so I didn't have to get up early to go a'babysittin' for her two kids. If I thought that was a nice break for ME, what about single moms? Woof, you're some tough ladies. However, I'm back to my regular schedule tomorrow, though! Up and at 'em at 4am. Excited to get some movie-watching in while the kids are asleep - last time I watched Is-slottet. It's the movie based on my favorite book/the tattoo I have on my left forearm :)

Defintitely not a movie for everyone, but I feel like reading the book gives a completely different feeling. Tomorrow, I hope to watch Elizabethtown. I've really been in the mood to watch that movie lately, but I can't find my copy! Thank my lucky stars though, I came across the dvd at Ashley's house! Morning = planned. Then D gets off work early tomorrow morning so its snuggle time again once I get off work at 10:30am. I didn't get much snuggle time today because he was feeling sick - I decided to come home early from his place tonight so that he could get some sleep because he works so hard doing what he does.

Oh! Speaking of him working hard, there have been some camera crews at his gym lately shooting a commercial for his gym - he'll be in it! It's premiering wednesday night on Cartoon Network and I'm so excited to see it. They also took some good pictures of my man which he'lll be emailing me and I'll def be posting one or two on here to show you all what exactly it is he does :)

PS: It was our 5 month anniversary today. Wooooo! It'll be 6 months come Vegas time!

"Dustin Casper"

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