March 29, 2011


Not everyone likes the movie Elizabethtown, but after watching it as many times as I have - I love it! I especially love it for its soundtrack.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - It'll all work out
The Hombres - Let it all hang out
Jeff Finlin - Sugar blue
Ryan Adams - Come pick me up
Wheat - Don't I hold you

The songs go very well in which they were placed in the movie. And what other movie can make you feel good when its based on a cross-America roadtrip with an awesome soundtrack?

Claire: "Sir? Sir, by flying this flight, you've helped save all our jobs -
maybe even the entire airline.
We would like to reward you with a free upgrade to first class"
Drew: "I'm fine."
Claire: "Ok, let me put it like this:
I am really tired, please don't make me keep walking all the way back
here all night long"

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