March 30, 2011

Ooo, get crafty!

What do you do when your man is feeling down? Ooo, get crafty! Dustin works super hard at work and I do everything I can to make his days better when he gets home because he's just as good to me. His birthday was last week and I had gotten him a card to go with his present; he was saying yesterday how he would like a little box or something of the sort to put all of our sweet things into. Well, ta-dah, honey! Lovey dovey note box craftacularrrr

Step One:
Purchase box ($.89) Step Two:
Assemble that box! Step Three:
Break out your flare ($3.99)

Step Four:
Add your flare and revel in your creation!

I'll give it to him tonight when he comes over from work :)

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