March 31, 2011

Hot day, cold beer

The weather here today is almost perfect! Just a little on the hot side, but its definitely a day to relax outside with friends/family. Now, normally, I am absolutely not a beer drinker, but I found a leftover bottle of Hornsby's Hard Crisp Apple Cider from when Kendra had payed a visit and since it tastes more like apple soda than a beer, I was all over it on this hot day. I have the house to myself which means I get to watch the big tv and enjoy the sun on the couch and enjoy a nice cool beer and the ever-American-teenager-snack: tater tots. Oh, I'm SO undoing the run that I did with Dustin last night.

On a seperate but not completely unrelated note, because of the nice weather today, I figured that I'd do some ENJOYABLE errands. I'm going to stop by the "We Buy Gold" store and try to dispose of some old broken jewelry then take that money and head off to the fabric/craft store! The orange skirt that I had made a while ago (see: Valentine's Day post) washed poorly and didn't keep the skirt's shape very well at all. I'm on a mission to find better fabric today and then find somewhere in my house the pattern that I used :0

All in all, I think today is going to be nice. Thoughts of a new apartment/a future engagement/ a future wedding are dancing around in my head and I just can't shake 'em. I'm having so much fun imagining everything. And speaking of romantic notions, I sent Dustin a really sweet email this morning and he checks it every once in a while at work, I just hope he gets it soon :)

And he loved the notebox!

Oh, Lucy, you bad


Mrs. Biscuit said...

I love hard cider. I call it "girl beer" since that's what it makes me think of whenever I drink it! Yum!

Ooh, I like thoughts of future engagements/weddings/love and loveliness! Sounds like you're in a super sweet mood! <3


Lucy said...

SUPER sweet! And girl beer is such a good name for it :)