April 1, 2011

Bonjour, Avril

There's nothing about spring that I love more than being awake early when everyone else is asleep, everything is quiet and all you hear are chirping birds. The house at which I babysit at has a neighbor with a quite grand bird feeder in her backyard and I can even hear them chirping now - upstairs and through the sliding door.

It reminds me of every time in Seattle that I would have to wake up early to work at the cafe; walking down the hill to downtown, passing the parks, hearing the birds, seeing the waterfront as I wound the corner. Thinking about birds chirping and of Seattle brings me back to when I stumbled upon a book at the public library called, "Paris Hangover" At the time, I was throwing together a trip to Europe and I would have died to go to France. The book was about a woman who gave up a dead-end relationship to pursue her life-long dream of living in Paris with her cat, Pucchini; which was, at the time, my ex's uncle's cat's name! In one chapter, she describes the magical feeling of waking up the first morning in her new apartment and hearing the doves outside and every morning about the same time an older man walks on the street below, whistling.

To me, there's nothing in life like those simple little pleasures. I'm going to try to experience more of them.

That time of day/year is just magical. It makes me miss my grandma's house. She lived just across the water and I would take the ferry every couple of weeks to see her and my cousin and all the animals. I have so much fun there. She lives in a small, Nordic town called Poulsbo and she lives on the water front on part of Puget Sound and from her deck I can see all the sailboats at dock across the water at downtown. Can you imagine what it looks like at night time? Amazing. I really want to live in my Grandma's house someday.

BUT, my mom told me that we may be going again this summer so I'm beyond excited and I'm going to see if I can swing for Dustin to come! I'd love for him to meet my sweet grandma and maybe even see Ilwaco in Southern Washington, where I grew up.

Come to think of it, I'm excited about everything thats coming up in the future for me. If only I could get over my worry fabout finding a career.


Mrs. Biscuit said...

I LOVE the serene quiet that is only really available early in the morning, I just hate waking up early! Perhaps if I worked a little harder on my bedtime issues (i.e. going to sleep after 1 a.m.) I'd be able to enjoy those early mornings more!

Happy Friday!! =)


Lucy said...

Same here! I only get up because I have babysitting at 5am :)