March 14, 2011

Mes six

One of my favorite bloggers, The Electric Twist, posted a "Six Confessions" a while back and I'm down to give it a bash :) Ps: I'm typing this with one hand and its very difficult because I'm holding my friend's squirming worm 4 month old baby.

1) I'm like, ridiculously attracted to Lil' Wayne. And currently, no song makes me dance to the radio in my car like, "Right Above It"

2) I caNOT make up my mind about my favorite animal. I'm a cat person, at least I think I am, but I loooove dogs! My boyfriend's favorite animal is a rabbit and until I googled pictures of them recently, I thought, "Why aren't they MY favorite animal? They're adorable!" And until a year ago, I thought my favorite animal was a fox, but I think I was always have a soft fondness for baby elephants.

3) I HATE dirty dishes. It may make me seem like a prima donna, bit I will. not. touch. them. The thought of putting my hands into water with old food floating around it and touching my skin really, really makes me sick. I'll need a dishwasher in my house someday.

4) I used to do Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura impressions when I was younger. ALL the time. My mom still begs me to do it every once in a while when it comes up. I love her laugh when she's cracking up.

5) I have a social phobia of dancing. Put me in a club and I'll stand still; swear to God.

6) Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you not to watch a funny movie with me. I WILL make you rewind it 6,000 times.

Who else has any confessions? :) Post them and send me the link, 'cause I'd love to read them!

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