March 15, 2011


I get to go on another mini vacation again today :) My mom and sister and I are headed to Ojai for a b&b stay for a few nights and I'm super excited. Lots of relax time lately has been nice.

Tuesdays are the days in which Dustin comes home from work super early - like, two hours into his shift early - then naps during a three to four hour break. So he'll be home around nine and I get to snuggle with him just a little before I get on my way out of town. I'm also hoping that somehow I left my black sweater at his house because I wanted to wear it today, but alas, its missing.

Currently, I'm starvin' marvin. So its time for me to figure out what my breakfast is going to be. I'm trying my darndest to eat healthier these days because I've picked up going for monday and thursday jogs with Dustin. I had to skip out yesterday because my legs are still sore from last thursday and D says thats no good. That's nearly a full week of sore legs!

Well, I hope you all have a fun week :)

PS: I may also go camping this weekend?? This month rocks

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