March 18, 2011

Cleanliness for dirt

So if you check-in on my blog somewhat frequently, you will have noticed then that I talk an awful lot about how cleaning my room is always on my to-do list. The problem is though, that other than simply WANTING it to be clean, I have no motivation to do it. Well, I'll need to be cleaning my room again today and I found my motivation: a clean atmosphere in which to watch a movie. A pretty movie probably; along the lines of Marie Antoinette or Stranger Than Fiction. It's a funny thing though, I've noticed that in order to enjoy something IN my room, my room has to be clean or at least clear of clutter. I did that when I was younger too! Whenever my mom would make a nice dinner and we got to eat in our rooms as kids, I'd walk into my room with my plate, be unhappy with the mess, set my plate down and clean so that I could enjoy my food. Weird, huh? Well, this time I'm cleaning so that I can watch a movie and also so that I have a clean room to come home to after I get back from camping, because I know that I'll be feeling really grimy. So to get in the cleaning mood, I'm going to need some MUSIIIIIIC!

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