March 19, 2011

A hard night's day

So I went camping last night! I had a great time, it was so much fun, only no one told me it was going to rain :( The tent that was set up for me to sleep in with Sally, our friend Katy and Sally's boyfriend Sid had no rain-barrier on the top. We tried to cover the top with a blanket and a rain coat, but by the time we'd thought of that, our stuff was already wet.

Thankyfully nothing important and nothing was SOAKED - just damp. But we did end up sleeping in the truck. I must have woken up every couple of hours because I do not feel at all like I got to sleep. It was balls cold and I'm pretty sure that THAT plus being uncomfortably scrunched in the drivers seat under the wheel kept causing me to wake up, so when I did I would turn the truck on to get a little more heat going. I think our friend Jacob had it the worst though. I think he slept outside, at least, thats where we found him in the morning. Jordan and his girlfriend Adrian lost the keys to their truck and slept in the cabin of ours, Katy lost her shoes and Sally lost her phone. All the food that was left outside - destroyed.

So I missed the first rain-free night of camping because of other plans I had the night before last and substituted it for the most dreary night of camping instead. Good call, me. But all in all, I never laugh as hard as I do when I'm around my friends. They're the funniest people.

Getting some much needed kitty love after a hard, cold night

Hope you all enjoyed your warm beds last night!

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