April 16, 2011

Cool down

Its SO hot out today! I'm partially excited though because now I get to break out some of my old (insanely unused) summer clothes like my shorts and tanks and sleeveless tops :) I love this top that I got a long time ago at Anthro. The brightness of it had me feeling very spring-y/summer-y so I decided to make some lemonade with lemons from the tree growing in my backyard :) I'm very much into setting the mood when eating or drinking something, so I had to put it in the perfect glass - what better than a jar??

Dustin and I might be able to go swimming today which I'm just jazzed about because I haven't been swimming in God knows how long and I love swimming. But his stupid community pool is always so damn late with opening it! It supposed to open when April begins and today is the 16th! Stupid HOA. But if that doesn't work, I found a giftcard for Muvico from a birthday two years ago that I never used so we may do that. There's nothing great out that we haven't already seen so I'm not sure if I want to save it or not because I'm dying to see Water For Elephants.

Anyway, I know that I promised to post pictures from Laughlin for my next post, but sorry guys, my camer is acting all screwy :( I'll share as soon as I have that sucker figured out!

Have a good, sunny day, bloggers!