April 13, 2011


"It is curious that this wand should be meant for you when it's brother gave you that scar"

Dustin asked about how sad I was that the final chapter in Harry Potter will be coming out soon and I'm going to be so bummed. That's one less link to childhood with Harry Potter gone, but I'll at least always have the memories of seeing them in theaters to tell my children! Oh, I'm going to raise them so nerdy. Nerdy and dirty thanks to their future gun-weilding father.

But moving on to discuss my last shorter-than-ever post, some of you may be wondering why last week was so horrible. Well, the week had been started off by being filled with a lot of dread followed by a cascade of heartbreak for my boyfriend. Due to change (and some complete bullshit), he was let go from him job of six years and in such a heartless way that my heart broke for him when he told me and I started to cry. Like, actually went to my mom, bawling. Without going into too much detail out of respect for Dustin's privacy, Dustin is the hardest working person that I've ever known and barely ever complained. A few things had been changing at his gym and I had just gotten him to feel better about them when it all happened. I have the utmost faith in him though and I'm so hopeful for the many career paths he could go down now as we continue to begin to save money for our life together.

He really seems to be favoring the idea of living in Montana but I'd really want to contribute and I don't know what the job market is like out there. Point is, the world is open to us now and I'm so excited about where we might find ourselves in it as this week has gotten so much better after a small vacation to Laughlin that I have an insanely high amount of hope for the future. Dustin can be the most positive person once he realizes that things really will be ok and that I'll always be someone who is there for him like I know he'll always be there for me. For those reasons, he's my hero and I can't wait to marry him.

Plus he's silly as hell and always makes me laugh.

Pictures from Laughlin coming up next post!

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