April 28, 2011


So, I've been pretty bad this week about keeping my blog updated, so here's what you've missed!

1) I no longer have the same babysitting job, but have started at a new, hopefully more reliable one.
2) My darling Dustin has had a few job interviews (fingers crossed!)
3) The weather has been lovely and Dustin and I have been on top of our swimming agenda :)
4) Dustin and I tried to help save a kitty that was hit by a car and sitting by the side of the road :( We're pretty sure that the other car that pulled over to help it took it to the emergency vet and it was put down. RIP little kitty
5) Happy Easter!
6) T-minus one week to Vegas!
7) Happy 6 month anniversary, Dustin! I love you :)

I've also been bad about my promise to take bunches of pictures of him like I promised, but I'm going to do my best to do that all today and hopefully have them up by tomorrow. Also, I'm sleeping over at a friend's place tonight and a few of us girls are going to stay up watching the royal wedding. That'll be fun!

See you tomorrow, bloggers :)

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