May 1, 2011


No pictures again - shame on me. It's not completely my fault though! My laptop that I load pictures onto got left at my little sister's friend's house :/ I did take pictures, however, but most of them are from being at the pool so there isn't much bariety to them.

Anyway, Dustin and I are getting more and more excited about our up coming trip to Vegas in just a few days! I'll make sure to get new batteries for my camera then as well.

But again, not much to report today besides my overall positivity. I'm just so excited about mine and Dustin's future together and how nice it is to want the same things out of life. We both want a small house in a small town and want to be hard working people with a small family. I'm excited about everything that I've done and am doing like getting up onto my pointe shoes better, getting my tattoo machine that I'll soon start to practice with, getting more tattoos, finding more nanny jobs, moving places I want to go and all the other posibilitites :)

How is life going for you guys right now? What about the future are you excited about? Anything that you're specifically aspiring to do? I wanna know! Leave a link if you decide to post about it :)

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