May 20, 2011

Derby, anyone?

My wonderful boyfriend bought me a pair of skates! I haven't taken them off since and have been seriously looking into/reading up on roller derby and local teams. There's one that meets on the same street as my possible new job! Speaking of which, I went with my older sister Hannah yesterday to the school that she works at as a teaching assistant because she's looking for her own replacement and wanted to see if I would like it. The kids we ADORABLE and so affectionate and I may be nannying one during the summer already! Today, Hannah is going to try to swing me an interview because the teacher that I would be assisting is the sweetest and most adorable woman.

After school let out yesterday, Hannah and I went out to get coffee and we had the a good long talk about everything thats going on with us because we haven't caught up since she moved out which was this last christmas! We talked about where we want to live someday, marriage and friendships and about how everything can be open to us if we just tried for it. It was a good talk.

Any way, I'm hanging out with my friend Hannah Cosgrove today and we're going to the park to have some wine :) I'll be bringing my skates to practice on for sure. The website for the local derby team said that wearing them everyday and doing household chores in your skates is the best way to learn. But I'm not looking forward to all the practice-falling I'll have to do! :/

Have fun this weekend!

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