May 20, 2011

The little things

Lately, I've been doing a LOT of blog crawling and it made me realize just how inspired and creative these other bloggers can truly be and thus made me see how much I've been wanting to get inspired lately to do something of my own. If anyone has been following me from the very beginning, they'd know that I'm a big fan of makings lists and lists of goals. There are a lot of big things in the future that I'm excited about like my parents moving back to Washington (super close to my grandma's house, yay!) after my dad received a job offer, Dustin moving in with me into the empty house, us moving into our own place eventually, me starting a new job, trying my hand at tattooing, rollder derby and continued work on my pointe shoes. But I'm feeling a bit amiss with making smaller, more enjoyable and tangible goals for myself. I've for sur improved on my cooking skills and am really happy about how often I'm getting out of the house. But those aside, I've noticed that a lot of my goals are repeats and its getting to be embarassing, haha. But here's to sticking those goals out and seeing them through! ::clinks glasses with you::

  1. Wear red lipstick more often, especially date nights

  2. Get friends together to make more memories

  3. Blog more!

  4. Save money for trips, travels and apartments

  5. Volunteer at the horse shelter I used to volunteer at, again

  6. Eat LESS candy and more fruits and veggies and water

  7. Draw more

Now I'm off to see Hannah and more skating practice!

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