May 24, 2011

Dog no. 2

So last week, I cannot remember if I bloged about this already or not, but I saw a dog walking down the sidewalk by my house alone. I pulled over, got out of my car and chased it up the hill JUST to read its tag and maybe get it back home. It was a pain to get and he actually pooed when I caught up to him, he was that scared! He scratched me a little because I guess he wasn't used to strangers, but I was able to bring him back down to my car where I had left my cell phone because all that was on the collar was a name and numer - no address. So since he was a little dog, I had to hold his collar the whole way back to my car which gave my back such a cramp because I was too afraid to pick him up after the few times he bared his teeth at me. His name was Jack and I called his owners who lived almost on the other side of town! The family had just moved to the neighborhood and it was apparently the second time that Jack had run away. So I let him hop into my car and he chilled out on the floor of the passenger side and I delivered him to the most adorable Hispanic lady who was very grateful and had a bowl of cereal in hand and two daughters tagging along behind her. They also loved my pink car.

I told you that story to tell you this one - it happened again! Not the same dog and not the same part of town, though. I was leaving Dustin's house and had barely turned the corner when I saw a lovely brown dog sniffing around a driveway and as quickly as I looked around for people and didn't see any, I was pulled over. I was really hopeful that this dog wouldn't be like the last one in which I'd have to chase it around the neighborhood - and no hills, thank God - instead, it RAN right up to me! Mouth open, tongue out and tail wagging. Whew. Took a look at his collar and again, no address, just a name for the dog and a phone number. I called - no answer - but the dog DID thankfully run up to a house and jump and scratch at the door which gave me a pretty strong indicator that that was where he'd come from. I left a voicemail when no one answered the number (real smart, guy) then knocked on the door. Took the guy forever to answer and when I did he got down on his knees, looking at the dog confused and said, "Is- is this my dog? How - how did he get out??" Then the dog ran right inside. The man said to me a very gratious thank you and I walked away feeling heroic. I texted Dustin, "I took another doggy home!" I kind of want to go back and play with it, he was such a nice dog. And his name was Gunner! Thats what I had wanted to name MY dog, but my mom named him Bart.

I have a lot of cleaning in my room to do today and I have a cat who's claws need trimming. I look forward to seeing how everyone else's day went!

Feeling like a hero,
xo Lucy

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