June 1, 2011


So, I'm crazy nervous about tomorrow. Why? Because I'm hoping I get a job. It is the job of my young dreams. Those of you that follow (or that peek in secretly) know that I have been a nanny for quite a while and that I believe children and teaching are my real life calling. That being said, I've landed two nannying jobs this summer: one is watching an ah-dorable little girl named Katy, 4 with puffy hair and her new born baby brother and then second is watching two more kids for another family, one is 7 and the other 10. So tomorrow I'll be going in (for the second time) to the school where my older sister is a teaching assitant at and handing in my resume - that they asked for! Thats a good sign, right? Anyway, I'm hopeful about it because my sister was, to my knowledge, put in charge of finding her own replacement and since she and I share the same passion for teaching and kids, she came to me first. I've already gone in once to see how the school worked and basically just to observe and that's how I met these kids' moms that I will be nannying this summer. The kids at the school were very receptive of me which just filled me with delight; Zana and Muriel in particular. Muriel told me she loved me and Zana drew me a rainbow. I'm really hoping that that counts for something and that they'll want to schedule an interview :D

On a seperate but related note, some of you may have also noticed that I've been contemplating quite a bit my future working at Anrthopologie (my current job) because I think anyone would know that thats not what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life. I seriously considered putting in my two-weeks notice last week but chickened out at the last minute. Knowing that I'm not going to be there forever is not the only reason for my thoughts towards leaving, but also that they never, ever schedule me! I've had open availability for the longest time and have had to get second jobs because of it. And even then, I was never scheduled! At most, I would get one or two on-call shifts a week (and we never use on-calls) but for some miraculous reason, now that I'm even more serious about leaving, I've suddenly been getting called in - every day for four straight days! My mom is the most shocked because she's been encouraging me to leave all along. But I think it may be fate because not only have I been wanting to leave, but with my new-found nannying summer jobs, Iv'e had to change my availability to weekends only and now they're telling me that they need someone with more availability and that they can't support having me only on weekends (meaning that they KNOW I wouldn't be getting scheduled), so I can either work something out with my new nannying jobs and keep working at Anthro, or I could persue what I've always wanted? I choose the persuit.

Its so exciting to be walking through the door to a possible new career! I have so many dreams that I would actually be able to make come true if I no longer had to worry about where I was going. A small wedding for me and Dustin, a small apartment with my kitty and his ferret, living in the apartment for a few years and then moving to our first home someday. Maybe up in Washington where my parents are moving back to in a few months! Oh, I'm super excited for that by the way because all of my family is up there besides us! And they're moving to withing just a few miles of my grandmas house so we would be closer than we ever were! Christmases would be especially wonderful again. But I'm getting carried away. Wish me luck for tomorrow, guys!

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