June 3, 2011

Moving forward

Yesterday at the school went very well! Alma, the teacher that my sister is an assistant to, kept asking me how I liked it and if it was something that I would enjoy doing, which made me happy because it sounded pretty positive :D I also handed my resume in to Peter who would most likely be in charge of making the decisions and she (yes, she) said that I would definitely be receiving a call over the summer and that hopefully the numbers for next fall will be good enough to bring me in. And next friday there is going to be an end-of-the-school-year picnic for the kids and teachers and that's the day that I'm getting back from Washington, so I'm hoping that I get back early enough to make it. I'd love to see the chillin' one more time before the older ones graduate and go into kindergarten; Zana and Muriel especially. Zana painted a coffee filter for me and another girl named Quincy made me some rabbit puppets. There is also an adorable kid named Ky who loves to show me his work and how fast he can run - he's graduating too :) While I'm away in Washington this week, Hannah will be passing my information around to the parents at the school for me while I'm gone so that I can be booked up with babysitting for the summer! I plan on saving most (if not all) of everything that I make from those jobs to put towards mine and Dustin's own apartment :)

Dustin and I went to a midnight showing last night of X-Men First Class which was great! Funny thing is though, that when the trailers came out, I was the one that wanted to see it and Dustin said it looked horrible. Then he read some reviews and suddenly wanted to see it. But I knew that I would have to get some coffee because I do not do well at midnight showings (as has been previously observed) and thank God I did because the movie was 2 1/2 hours long! So after it, I went home and right to bed hoping to sleep in but got woken up by the kitty and a phone call from my little sister asking to be picked up from her friends house who lives RIGHT NEXT TO DUSTIN. It was for a worthy cause though; she was pet-sitting and needed to get some crickets for her friends dying frog. Thank heavens though because I probably would have been late to meet my previous employer who was supposed to be giving me some money. Yay, payday! And about the frog, its like we got to it just in time and its attitude seemed to pick right up and we made him a new terrarium with some of the plants I had bought to make my own. He's a happy little froggy now.

But all that aside and tucked away, I'm going to Washington tomorrow! It will be just me, my mom and my little sister, Sally going - girls trip! I was in the midst of packing when Tessy decided to lay, no, sprawl out on my suitcase and prevent me from doing anything more. Those are the kitty rules, I'm afraid. When kitty says that you don't get to finish doing what needs to be done, you do not jostle the kitty. So I'll probably finish before I go to bed, like always. And I want to have a clean room to come home to when I get back from vacation so that is also on my to-do list. And I need to have her food and water bowls easily visible so that my dad won't forget to feed her. While I'm away in Washington, I promised Dustin that I would bring him back something special, like a knife or something - he's into those things. I'm sad though that I wont be able to bring him :( But to make up for some of the lonliness, he's spending the night tonight! And my dad asked me for his number so that they could get together (and watch sports or something?) while we are away. I'm excited at how much interest my dad has taken in Dustin. It's sweet. Its just like how his mom loves me!

Thanks for sticking out my unsually wordy post, sans photos. I'll bring back tons from Washington :) Talk to you next week!

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