July 2, 2011

Busy bee

Hey, guys! So its been a couple of weeks and and I'm sorry about that, but I've just been bustling everywhere! Kai and Katy are running me haggard with their being four and five years old. So I've been doing that as well as prospectively joing a derby league, setting up me own tattoo rig, practing my en pointe and making time for my man, family and kitty. All the while feeling guilty about not blogging! I've also been under some intense bedroom makeover-ing. Also, Dustin and I have been starting to watch and follow more and more different TV shows together; it's a nice bonding time :)

So, about that derby league! They are the Sugartown Rollergirls of Oxnard, CA. They are serious athletes that don't mess around with fishnets or drama withing the league. Their coach is fantastic, Coach Blade (whom Coahc Razor from, "Whip It!" was based on) teaches saturday morning skate classes at the park for $6/hour. I'd love to sign up for that. My only issue is, I don't have a permanent job right now. Yes, I'm babysitting and doing well with it, but thats only for the summer and I'm trying to save all the money I can for Dustin and I to have our lives together and the league requires monthly dues, the gear is expensive and all the gas money I would need going to Oxnard (30 miles away) a minimum of two nights a week and attending that skate class could really put a dent in my savings if I don't end up getting that teacher's assitants job I want. I should be hearing from them in about two weeks. So while I'm dying to do this, I'll need to know first if I'm financially stable. Plus they're one of the few leagues in California with a banked track! Dustin has been very supportive of me wanting to do this :)

Another expensive hobby that I'll have to wait and see on: tattooing. I just bought some black ink: $20 for one bottle! I'll have to make that last me a while. I also need to learn to put together my machine, since its in a shambles. Its nice though that my sisters and other friends are so excited for me to start and they all say they want the first one! But I promised that to Dustin since he was the first one I told and therefore the first to ask.

But moving on, last night I had a lot of fun. Dustin neighbors (the sweetest people) invited me, him and his mom over for a pre-4th of July bbq and they have a seventeen year old daughter who Dustin has known for years so she was fun to talk to. We ate watermelon, chicken nuggets, chips and an AMAZING dip that Linda made, beans and burgers. I got so full that I just couldn't handle anymore, which was a shame. And they have the sweetest little mongrel dog that they saved a few years ago -Sophie. Apparently she was a cruelty rescue, but loves, loves, loves people because of all the positive attention she gets now. She's short and fat with long, soft, multi-colored hair and a tiny little face. I felt so bad for her though because it was so hot yesterday! She must have been dying. I know I was. So today, before it gets too hot, I'm going to do some more bedroom renovating and then maybe go to Dustin's for a swim. I'm hoping that today I will have found a place in my room for everything that was in my armoir and get that big thing outta there because its making my room feel so much smaller. Bring my chair in hopefully that I'm going to upholster in probably some fluffy white fabric. I just hope that there's room in my garage for that armoir because the whole house is undergoing spring cleaning and I feel so guilty moving stuff into my mom's garage when she's trying to get rid of stuff she doesn't need. Especially since the family will be moving to Florida next year, leaving me and maybe Sally behind.

I will for sure be staying here with Dustin and who knows where his new job will take us. Maybe he'll want to move to Michigan with his mom. How fun would that be if I got to go somewhere new?? His aunt there is a teacher - maybe she'd like an assitant? :)

Happy blogging, guys! I'll do my best to manage my time well and get back on here more often. Beleive it or not, I do look at everyone's blog just about everyday, so well wishes!

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