August 25, 2011

100th Post!

Forgetting all about that hiatus and that bad week from a month and a half ago, things in my life are swell and continue to look up. I'm still nannying for Katy and Nathan and will soon start watching another family of twin ten year old girls. I'm metting their mom Saturday at noon for coffee!

D and I are still going strong - its been nearly ten months now. My, how time flies. He's moved in and settled and calls our little place home now. His dad now comes to visit from out in Ventura and I'm slowly getting in touch with old friends. My old pal Alison and I went to the discount theater and caught Bridesmaids and now I'm dying to see it again - wanting to take my sisters Sally and Claudia. We'll see about that.

I've been enjoying more "me" time and watching movies I love and haven't seen in a while. I watched Coraline yesterday and today am watching The Royal Tennenbaums while working on painting a lampshade. Dustin's never seen it, but he fell asleep anyway, so I'm guessing it didn't grab his attention.

I've been working on other projects to make our little apartment-ette feel more homie. I've built a vertical garden in the patio going up the side of the house and done a nice little photo frame collage on the blank wall in our room. Bought some blown glass globes and hung some air plants in them over the bed. They're cute! Once Dustin and I get a proper bed, I think I'm going to paint a headboard to the wall instead of buying or making one. That should be pretty cute and unexpected for guests! I've already sewn black and white striped curtains for the sliding door, but have yet to buy the rest of the fabric for the other two windows in the room. And I desperately need furniture. I've never had so much space to fill that my decor ideas seem to be dwindling or not quite right for a space in the room.

It's my sister's husband's birthday today and I gave him a pretty damn good tattoo, if I may toot my own horn. Thats another thing that's been happening this month and a half; I've been tattooing finally. Dustin received the first one. He requested a Misfits Crimson Ghost skull on his right arm underneath his Black Flag tattoo. I later gave my sister Sally three lavender sprigs down her side and Dustin gets another tomorrow on his calf.

I'm usually bad about posting pictures, but next time I enter another posting, I'll do my best to sprinkle some in of all my projects and goings-on.


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Mrs. Biscuit said...

Tattooing!?! How exciting! I'm jealous! I wish I lived nearby so you could hook me up! ;) I can't wait to see the pictures of all the fun stuff you've been doing!

<3 MuffinLovesBiscuit