October 17, 2011

Halloween is upon us

My days lately have been so packed with work and errands that I hardly have time to do anything little and fun (since big fun like dates take presidence) but I've finally gotten around to holiday decorating - ahead of schedule! Using some of the acrylic paints in my mom's craft closet, I painted some holiday decorations onto my sliding door to my patio. A couple of lit jack-o-lanterns and a plack reading, "The Caspers." Perfect for Halloween right? Maybe just one more reason I can't wait to get married to this kid. And, like a scout in 90 degree heat, I braved the sunlight and hung craft store cobwebs all around my patio. A little on the wooden fence between the patio and the backyard, a little on the fence leading to the front yard, some on the stone pillars in front of the patio and some on the porch light. I can't wait to get actual pumpkins and pass out candy this year. Dustin's dad lives in Ventura and grows his own food and is growing pumpkins for Dustin and I! No pumpkin patch this year, sadly, but hey - free pumkins! Dustin is working Halloween night thanks to his nightmare, she-devil of a manager, so I'll be passing out candy this year solo. I'm going to love making our little porch into a halloween den for the trick-or-treaters and my creaky gate and black cat should make for good embience.

All Halloween goodness aside, mine and Dustin's one year anniversary is fastly approaching. The 28th! SOONER than Halloween! He brought up plans to me the other day about what to do for it, which made me feel special; not having to be the only one to mention it :) He wants to go to City Walk and do dinner, maybe movies too? I'm so jazzed.

I'll be sure to share pictures of my Halloween patio as Halloween gets closer, but for now, I'm on babysitter duty and my time is almost up. Have a good night all! Pleasant dreams... Muah hahah ha ha!

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