October 21, 2011

Lucy's day off

Blech. This week seems to have gone along non-stop and I'm completely wiped-out. Today will really be my only time this whole seven days to not feel obligated to to anything. I nannied for what felt like endless hours this week and zipping around everywhere in my new car, which I've come to realize drinks gas like we do water, was just tiring. I've also been to the theater three times this week! I saw The Big Year, which dispite its lack of advertising was and adorable movie in my opinion. I also saw Cowboys and Aliens at the Discount Cinema here in Simi Valley and saw Paranormal Activity 3 with Dustin last night. I was so petrified through the entire film, having seen the previous two I knew I wouldn't be happy seeing the third. It was by far the scariest one. If you were to ask me personally whether or not I recommended it, I would say, "Do not go!" If I can save anyone from the horror I felt in that theater, I will gladly try. I wouldn't let Dustin leave my side for the rest of the night. But moving on, I was a couch potato today and I do not blame myself either. A girl has to get her rest-on, right? Especially after a night of hardly sleeping. But why do naps in the middle of the day make me feel like I haven't been out of bed in years? It was well-deserved catch-up on sleep though. And tomorrow I'll be on the move again - trekking it out to Ventura (1 hr. away) for a friends pre-birthday celebration and then on Sunday, I'll be driving out to LA to see an old friend I haven't seen in ages, Shannan. The clock just never stops for me. But who says it has to?

Have any of you gotten your Halloween decorating finished yet? Or at least started? I feel I still have a little way to go yet before my faux cobwebs look sufficient. And I need pumpkins. And fake spiders. I'm so excited too for dressing up! Who (or what) will you be?

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