January 6, 2011

Some lovely

It is so strange sometimes to think of all the beautiful landscaping that Earth has to offer in some places and yet, those places are the hardest to get to. Thankfully, though. I'd hate for them to be spoiled.

Last night I was unable to see Dustin so he invited me over to his house early in the morning so that we could sleep-in together before he had to go to work. He works almost all day and all night so he gets insanely wiped out - not to mention that he works at a gym as a trainer/teacher, so he gets wiped out considerably. So we slept-in together and had breakfast, then I was picked up by my friend Heather who had some errands to run and was looking for a buddy to do them with. She went looking for some new workout clothes (yoga pants, mainly) and then we picked up some lunch for her mom at work.

My day ended with hanging out with my old and dear friend Darcy. We spent most of the time watching funny/sad/ridiculous videos on youtube of cats, movie clips and morons. She has the sweetes Persian cat named Honey. She loved to give kisses and meow funny.

sweater: Target, shirt: thrifted, skirt: Charlotte Russe, belt: Anthropologie

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